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Cho Wong, MD of Compass Edge Europe Limited, speaks about his experience of the Certified Revenue Manager (CRM) Qualification 

As we relaunch our Certified Revenue Manager Qualification (CRM) we caught up with a previous student, Cho Wong, Managing Director of Compass Edge Europe Limited, to understand what inspired him to pursue a professional revenue management qualification. 

So Cho, why the Certified Revenue Management (CRM) qualification?

As the Managing Director of Supranational Hotels which I was then, our customers were hotels. I understood distribution but never having worked actually within a hotel, I wasn't too familiar with the revenue management piece. I thought it would be useful to speak the same language as our customers to understand how revenue and distribution decisions are made. The course was hugely useful in my day to day role- to understand what drives revenue management decisions, how budgets are prepared and how hotels formulate their distribution strategy.

What elements did you enjoy?

I enjoyed the opportunity to develop my knowledge outside the office environment and to network with industry colleagues.  In addition, the courses are very interactive which creates a lively and fun learning environment. It is great to be able to stand in front of a revenue manager and talk about their field of expertise with authority.

For those who are thinking about the CRM qualification, what would your advice be?

For revenue managers, the course is instrumental in developing their knowledge especially as the revenue management landscape becomes more and more complex. For non-hoteliers, it is a hugely beneficial qualification to understand your hotel customers and what drives their decision making. I use the information learned every day which is testament to that.

Interested in developing your career with the CRM Qualification? Join us on Tuesday 19th June at the Principal London Hotel where you can hear about what the course curriculum, speak to current students and have a glass of wine! Register here




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