And this week's burning questions are.....


.... 'Is organic search dead?' 'Is open pricing the future of revenue strategy ?'  Our round up of this weeks headline making articles attempt to answer these, and other issues, below. Hope you are keeping cool and happy reading !

Open pricing - a new way of thinking about hotel distribution

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Open pricing ensures that your hotel never unnecessarily closes off an offer or distribution channel if a room remains open for booking. Is this the new generation of revenue strategy ? Michael McCartan, MD EMEA of Duetto, shares his thoughts

A new way of thinking about distribution

Three digital dimensions transforming the hospitality industry


This overview from Cedric Michiels, explains how the collaborative economy, the multi faceted world of digital marketing and the impact of Big Data are all having significant effects on the hoteliers role .


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Is organic search dead for hotels ?


The digital landscape is changing with speed. The increasing presence of paid advertising, combined with the growth of mobile as a booking channel have undermined the impact of organic search as a tool in the hotel marketers toolkit. But the travel planing and booking process is a complex one - and there are still ways hotel marketers can manipulate the potential of organic search for their own benefit.

Read how all is not lost with organic search

Search marketing trends you cannot afford to ignore


The top Search Engine marketeers give their industry leading trends that all savvy hotel marketeers need to be aware of. Chatbot, Adwords Next and Audience Targetting are just some the developments that cannot be ignored. Read all about it here

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