'Be Playful, Be Curious' - Magnus Lindkvist, futurologist and opening keynote at Opportunity2020 speaks

Magnus Lindkvist-Square.jpgOpportunity 2020, ‘Man vs Machine – Where Next for Revenue Management?’ is coming- and in advance of the leading revenue management gathering we caught up with keynote, Magnus Lindkvist, author and one of the world's leading and most respected trendspotting futurologists. Magnus weaves together important current trends to forecast what life, society and business might look like in the future and has been voted one of the world's top 10 speakers. We spoke to Magnus about the trends we need to be thinking about and the opportunities technology driven innovation will present.

What new trends do you see impacting the workplace as we move into a new decade?

Magnus - Three new trends will present their own business opportunities. Firstly more people will have less disposable income - this will force us to rethink how we operate. Secondly, the sustainability requirement – we have been playing with this until recently but very quickly be at the heart of everything we do.  And thirdly, we are witnessing the move from digital to ‘digilogue’ – combining the high touch face to face elements of the old world ‘analogue’ era with the digitisation that we have been adapting to over the last decade -  digital communications, social networks and  high tech information .  

What do you see as the key single benefit of technology driven innovation?

Magnus- As we progress, in general, things are becoming operationally more complex and more expensive. With one exception- technology. Every 18 months, we are being forced to rethink the impact of technology and adapt processes accordingly as it becomes twice as good, and half as expensive. This speed of transformation forces us to be relentlessly curious and challenge how we operate. This for me is very exciting.

Should we be nervous or energised about the future and this technological revolution?

Magnus - I would propose that we are neither optimistic or pessimistic about the future but remain 'possibilistic'. We can’t predict what is going to happen and how our lives will be transformed. I would ask you to suspend judgement and focus on the possibilities - remain curious, playful, intrigued and experimental and foster this culture within your organisations.

You can hear more from Magnus with his opening keynote 'Why The Future Begins - how revenue managers can create tomorrow today'.​​ at ''Man Vs Machine - Where Next for Revenue Management?' on 11th February at the Emirates Stadium, London.  Register now and be part of the conversations that matter to shape your revenue management strategy in 2020. It promises to be a day of inspirational debate and networking opportunities. More details here www.opportunity2020.co.uk.