Exploring the softer side of revenue management with Typsy

People learn in different ways, and getting learning messages across using different media is always helpful. I am really impressed by the Typsy approach to training using short videos with very succinct messages, so it was great fun to have the opportunity to develop this series of revenue management videos with the Typsy team.

The revenue management discipline is broad, and developing skills beyond the tactical analysis of data can be challenging and often down to what experience is available to you in each role that you take on. In this series of Typsy courses we look at some of the subjects that don’t get covered in a lot of detail in the hands-on role, and explore some of the softer skills that come into play as you develop your revenue management career. Take a look at the course on how to build a revenue management team, or how customer psychology comes into play when they make pricing decisions. I hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to come back to Revenue Academy for more training ideas.

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Ally Northfield - 12 April 2021