The important change to 'rate parity' practices that 47% of hoteliers know nothing about

This week's round up of industry matters making the news, hopes to bring some clarity to metasearch channels, offer guidance on mobile and explores some recent legislative changes designed to promote increased competition - and what they mean for hotels.

Competition watchdog urges hotels to take advantage of demise of price parity


Recent research indicates that 47% of hoteliers were not even aware that and Expedia relaxed their insistence on rate parity, even though we are 2 years down the line. But they have - and hotels are urged to take advantage of this by becoming more competitive.

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Hotelier's guide to optimising mobile

Man using his Mobile Phone in the street, bokeh

We all know mobile is growing with pace, and should be considered as important as desktop as a booking channel. But if confusion still abounds regarding what you need to be doing to ensure you are optimising this growing channel, this article should provide some pointers in your quest to be 'mobile friendly'.

Mobile tips you can't afford to ignore

Why the European Commissions ruling against Google is important for hotels


The European Commission has recently fined Google for employing unfair practices by preferencing its own shopping comparison service at the top of the search results. What led to this decision ? What does it mean ? And why it matters to hotels.

Discover the importance of the recent ruling

Which metasearch channel is best for your hotel ?

So what?

The metasearch landscape can be confusing. Functionality changes and upgrades can pass hoteliers by, and it can be hard to stay ahead of each channels offering. Hopefully, this handy comparison will help !

Uncover which channel is best for your hotel

The importance of human intervention when managing your revenue strategy

Businesspeople sitting together using digital tablet

While technology is undoubtedly a vital part of the revenue manager's toolkit, it should not be implemented at the expense of human intervention. Ideally, technology should facilitate automation, freeing up the revenue managers time to focus on strategising and optimising key dates and periods of high demand.

How technology and the human element can work hand in hand

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