To Outsource, or not to Outsource?

Outsource_image.jpgRevenue Management is an exciting place to be, right at the heart of a hotel's profitability, navigating sometimes choppy waters to optimal profitability.  However increasing demands on the revenue management function are putting pressure on the role as we know it. The job spec of today's revenue manager is very different to that of only a few years ago and especially for the smaller hotel, the recruitment and ongoing training to develop in house expertise can be expensive. This is where outsourcing is gaining acceptance as a viable, flexible and more cost effective option to hiring a full time revenue manager.

Why should you consider outsourcing your revenue management function?

Guaranteed expertise, experience and an objective perspective. 

Outsourced revenue management services bring a vast level of experience of formulating revenue management strategies gained through working with a huge breadth of hotels and accommodation providers - often, this is difficult to match on property. Also, this experience, combined with a fresh perspective, can unravel even the most complex distribution and pricing challenges. 

Flexible and affordable solution to benefit from best in class revenue management thinking.

Outsourced RM solutions are designed to meet the needs and requirements of your hotel. Support can be easily adapted and amended according to your hotel's size and complexity of the revenue management challenges faced - a truly flexible approach!

Aligns your revenue management strategy with latest developments in distribution and technology

Emerging technological developments and seemingly weekly updates impacting distribution strategies can prove hard to keep on top of. Even with investment in training, it can be challenging to ensure you are optimising your distribution channels. With an outsourced RM solution, you can be confident you are benefitting from knowledge and guidance as to the very latest distribution and technological developments that are best suited to your hotel's objectives.

Ensures your pricing strategy reflects digital marketing developments that are increasingly impacting your cost of acquisition.

The digitisation of the purchase path requires increasingly sophisticated and evolving strategies to ensure your costs of acquisition don't spiral. Outsourced RM solutions will ensure your pricing strategy reflects these developments at all times,  protecting your all-important bottom line. 

The value of a the revenue management function is more important now than ever and to outsource this is not a solution for all. But for some hotels, the expertise, flexibility and cost savings that outsourced services can bring could transform your bottom line. Definitely something to think about!

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