What are the key revenue management challenges keeping independent hoteliers awake at night ?

This week's round up of our favourite industry news we look at the challenges faced by independent hotels when managing their revenue management function. We also look at the dominance of Google in the metasearch arena and hear from industry leaders as to the trends impacting hotel distribution, and direct bookings.


The revenue management challenges faced by the independent hotel



Independent hotels face a unique set of challenges when implementing their revenue strategy. Here, in the second in a series of articles from Net Affinity, both internal challenges, and those from the within industry are examined,  and guidance  offered on how to manage them.

Revenue management challenges for the independent hotel


Google's rapid rise in the metasearch space

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A recent report by Fastbooking indicates that Google's investment in Hotel Ads is reaping rewards as their rise to dominating the market shows no signs of slowing down.

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The 5 key factors propelling hotel distribution

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At the recent NYC International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, experts discussed the future of hotel distribution. Unsurprisingly, technology dominated the agenda with mobile, data capture and voice search all featuring in discussions.

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Revenue management for the inexperienced

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Revenue management is too crucial to be ignored even if you are not a revenue manager or don't have the scope to hire one. Here are some guiding principles for the non-revenue manager to ensure you are optimising your profitability.

Click here for the 'Beginners Guide'

Driving Direct Bookings - the CEO's speak

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While leading hospitality CEO's are all in agreement as to the value of direct bookings, their approach as to how to drive these can differ. Read what industry leaders have to say here.

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