What do 71% of revenue managers believe their job title should be changed to as a more accurate reflection of their role ?

A growing school of thought within the revenue management community believes that 'Profit Management' would be a more accurate reflection of their role as the focus moves to optimisation of GOPPAR.  Read more below. And while the rest of the working world seems to be on holiday, Expedia has been busy making headlines with the launch of Expedia Powered Technology, a suite of technology products designed to assist hotels with multiple aspects of their business. A big shift indeed. Read on.

Changing role of the revenue manager

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As the role of the revenue manager continues to grow, 71% of revenue managers believe that the discipline should be recognised as ‘profit management’ with the emphasis moving away from RevPAR and TRevPAR to measures exposing the profit each guest contributes to the bottom line. Read about this and how the role of the revenue manager is changing in Eye for Travel's latest report.

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Expedia launches new toolkit for hotels

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Expedia expands beyond distribution as its launches Expedia Powered Technology , a suite of products to assist partners industry challenges. This shift aims to assist hotels in the areas of loyalty, revenue management and MICE bookings.

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Hotels May Try to Counter Airbnb’s Rise With Bets on Tech

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The recent Hotel Data Conference in Nashville failed to reach consensus about the impact of Airbnb on the hotel market. However, leading figures within the industry gave their views as to how the threat of Airbnb might be addressed  - and tech initiatives and personalisation featured high on the list.

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Time for a Digital declutter ?

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Avoid creating the 'Paradox of Choice' on your hotel website - simplification could be the answer to driving those much sought after direct bookings.  Get ideas as how to streamline the Book Direct experience on your hotel website here.

How to simplify the online experience

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