What is 'Revenue Management and the Connected Customer?'

HEADLINE IMAGE2.jpg'Revenue Management and the Connected Customer', Revenue by Design's third annual conference, is coming to London on 12th February 2019. Once again, we will bring together industry thought leaders and those shaping and driving revenue management strategy to debate the functions most pressing issues and why we need to put the 'connected customer' firmly at the top of our agenda in 2019. 

In advance of the event, Ally Northfield, Managing Director of Revenue by Design, explains what exactly the 'connected customer' is and why hoteliers and revenue management professionals cannot ignore the importance of this new breed of hyperconnected, super informed consumer.

Ally, to the uninitiated, what is the ‘Connected Customer?’
To put it simply, today everyone is a connected customer. With unprecedented access to technology, data, and choices, they are in control like never before. They live in a world of instantaneous response, seek instant gratification, thrive on communication that is personalised and relevant to their situation, and demand the ability to choose the product they want from the channel that they choose.

We cannot underestimate the impact of this as it penetrates every aspect of the consumer buying process. And its impact is only going to grow.

What does this mean for revenue management?
The revenue role needs to become more dynamic. Decisions need to be made with higher frequency, and a high level of engagement, or risk a customer moving on to a competitor product.

Customers expect the right value to be presented to them in the right way at the right time.  A straight discount off a room rate no longer hits the spot, something that is offered to everyone no longer has the same appeal. We need to challenge our standard business practices and evolve to meet these increasing customer demands.
Why ‘Revenue Management and the Connected Customer’?
The connected customer is here to stay. We need to seriously rethink strategies in order to meet customer demands and engender loyalty. ‘Revenue Management and the Connected Customer’  provides a unique chance to get our heads around what this means for revenue management. We will bring together thought leaders and innovators who are spearheading change within revenue management to debate what we need to do to future-proof the revenue role. We will explore how we can best leverage the key pillars of data, technology, distribution, loyalty, and automation to deliver personalisation and immediacy.  And also look to what we can learn from the mega platform providers such as Google and Amazon who have firmly put the customer at the heart of everything they do. It promises to be a hugely enlightening day! 

Don't miss the opportunity to debate with, learn from and network with those who are at the forefront of the revenue management revolution. 

To find out more and register, visit www.opportunity2019.co.uk. Early Bird tickets on sale until 30th November!

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