Which hotel departments are integral to a successful revenue management strategy ?

This week we look at how important it is that all your staff recognise their part in delivering the revenue strategy, building bridges between marketing and revenue management, and what are the real challenges for today's hoteliers ? Read on !

8 ways you can engage your entire staff to become Hotel Revenue Generators


For those that think optimal revenue management is solely impacted by the work of your revenue specialist in the depths of the back office, its time to think again. Revenue management should run through the very heart of all of your hotel operations. Read the first part in a series from Rate Gain exploring how to develop this mentality throughout all departments within your hotel.

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Seeking harmony between marketing and revenue management

Binding commitments

The relationship between marketing and revenue management is not always a harmonious one.  The importance of online as a distribution channel has meant that it is more important than ever that revenue management and marketing foster a cohesive working relationship. Here are some tips for a more effective and collaborative partnership.

Bridging the gap between marketing and revenue management

The challenges facing today's revenue manager


A recent Eye for Travel Survey reports on the factors that are proving to be the biggest challenges for today's revenue manager. Competitor activity comes top of the list, followed by the impact of unforeseen events. Can you relate to the issues that challenge revenue and distribution strategies on a daily basis ?

What factors are impacting today's revenue manager ?


What is the link between mobile bookings, OTA's and guest satisfaction?


Loyalty programs drive direct bookings, mobile bookings have doubled in the last 3 years and bookings through OTA's have a lower guest satisfaction score. So says the findings in this year's J.D. Power 2017 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study. This means a mobile strategy is more important than ever for hotels.

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