Integrated Revenue Management - Distribution

£395.00 +VAT | 2 Days DM01

Customer acquisition costs and channel commissions are eroding the profit contribution from room sales. This two-day workshop covers how to build a distribution and digital strategy. The course provides the framework to measure your costs of distribution and get visibility on the net profit contribution of all your channels to market. The course provides a practical approach to creating a distribution technology strategy which can be applied at both property and group level, covering the key stages of situation analysis, goal setting, planning and implementing a strategy, technology selection and measuring and monitoring success.

Thank you so much. Loved the content and the delivery
Lively discussion, great group of people – loved the opportunity to share learnings and ask questions. Really worthwhile
As with all of Revenue by Design’s courses, I will return to the office with enhanced knowledge and greater confidence. Thank you!

What you’ll learn

Why should you attend this course?

This course is designed to

  • Introduce the distribution channels and associated business models available to a hotel, focusing on evaluation of cost per channel to accurately assess net channel profitability.
  • Understand how to incorporate digital and channel spend into customer acquisition costs, and provide a basic starter pack for participants to start building their own channel profit contribution toolkit.
  • Support better decision making over choice of channel, streamline acquisition costs, and protect profit.
  • Participants have the opportunity to work with case studies to evaluate channel cost and profitability and identify which channels to select to distribute inventory according to forecast demand.

What will I learn and gain from attending this course?

The hotel distribution channels, how they connect and the key players involved

  • The business models associated with each channel and how to evaluate the cost per booking and assess profitability per booking
  • How to create a distribution channel strategy to ensure optimal channel mix and profitability according to demand
  • The cost implications of all distribution channels and how this impacts business in the long and short term
  • Defining what to measure to support cost analysis
  • Common metrics and their definitions
  • Creating a distribution strategy framework 
  • Conducting a competitor review, using price value analysis and other competitor benchmarking tools
  • Creating effective strategic distribution goals
  • Evaluating new technology and supplier selection
  • Implementing the strategy, monitoring and measuring success
  • Training employees and creating processes for new technology

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Revenue managers and sales professionals who need to understand cost of customer acquisition and incorporate this into sales and revenue strategies.
  • The course will ensure an understanding of the distribution landscape the key players and how to adapt to the continuous change in this environment.

Get Qualified

Completion of this module qualifies as one module, and 25% of the Certified Revenue Management (Cert.RM)
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Integrated Revenue Management - Distribution

£395.00 +VAT | 2 Days DM01