Integrated Revenue Management Strategies - Digital Marketing and E commerce

£395.00 +VAT | 2 Days DM03, DM04, DM05

This two-day workshop introduces digital marketing social media, metasearch and mobile as it applies to the revenue function. We introduce the principal social media platforms and how social media is being used within the hotel industry, and the impact of mobile and different mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablet and their influence on booking behaviour and revenue strategies. The course reviews the steps to take to evaluate the effectiveness of a booking engine and how to optimise booking engine performance.

Loved it! Only thing is, I need to go back now and review my strategy with my new knowledge!
Always been a bit nervous when talk turned to digital marketing. But look forward to returning to the office with a greater understanding. Thank you.
Course content was just right. Invaluable for all revenue managers today – can’t afford not to understand the impact of digital on your revenue management strategy

What you’ll learn

Why should you attend this course?

This course is designed to

  • Introduce the major social media platforms and how the platforms can be integrated into a revenue strategy
  • Introduce the key business models in the mobile space and how they can be incorporated into a revenue strategy
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a web booking engine and how to work with the conversion funnel
  • Understand what steps to take to optimise conversion

What will I learn and gain from attending this course?

  • Defining social media and the different social media platforms
  • The tools to manage social media programmes at property, brand and franchise level
  • Mobile web sites, Mobile Apps and Mobile marketing – through QR codes 
  • How to integrate Social Local and Mobile within an on-line and off-line marketing and distribution strategy
  • The user experience and how usage changes across platforms
  • Mobile Guest technology to support mobile interactions and interactions on the move
  • Creating PPC campaigns, how to set up, manage and drive business objectives
  • Integration of PPC results into an overall strategy
  • Conversion and optimising web site and booking conversions

Who is this course suitable for?

Revenue managers and sales professionals who need to understand cost of customer acquisition and incorporate this into sales and revenue strategies.

The course will ensure an understanding of the digital landscape and the principle elements of social media and marketing

Get Qualified

Completion of this module qualifies as one module, and 25% of the Certified Revenue Management (Cert.RM)
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Integrated Revenue Management Strategies - Digital Marketing and E commerce

£395.00 +VAT | 2 Days DM03, DM04, DM05