Proficiency in Revenue Management

£395.00 +VAT | 2 Days RM03, RM04

Building on the core principles of revenue management, this two day workshop further develops the skills and techniques required to create and implement a robust revenue strategy, introducing the more advanced concepts of demand forecasting, Total Revenue Management, overbooking strategies and price optimisation techniques.

Loved the exposure to more advanced strategies and the approaches I would not have thought of before to everyday RM challenges
My first Revenue by Design course but loved the content and delivery. Am seriously considering the CRM qualification to further develop my knowledge
Been putting off this course for a while…never enough time….wish I done it months ago…would have helped immensely in a challenging year

What you’ll learn

Why should you attend this course?

This course is designed to

  • Provide a framework for demand forecast creation
  • Extend your knowledge of revenue management across other profit centres including food and beverage and meeting and events.
  • Offer a process to apply when overbooking to reduce risk of book outs
  • Equip you with the key skills required to communicate data of relevance to colleagues
  • Build the influencing skills required of a revenue manager to present a winning strategy.

What will I learn and gain from attending this course?

  • Creating a forecast – pulling together all the information needed to create a manual forecast, including business on the books, pick up, denials, and cancellations
  • Creating reports to support forecasting decisions – business mix, pick up, demand forecast, and all business intelligence reports
  • Tools and Tactics to Optimise Demand
  • Revenue per sold unit (RevPSU) as a basic model for performance measures
  • Analysis of different profit centres in a hotel and their potential
  • Assessment of total capacity management, a total revenue management strategy and the implications for total profit management
  • The challenges of aligning goals and incentives, and how to integrate other profit centres into a revenue strategy
  • Creating a revenue culture and the day to day relationship between revenue, sales and marketing
  • The presentation and coaching skills required of a revenue manager

Who is this course suitable for?

The course has been developed for those who have a basic understanding of revenue management but would like to introduce more advanced techniques into their day to day operations. It’s ideal for those who wish to make a more informed contribution to revenue management decision making or are looking to transition into a revenue management role.

Get Qualified

Completion of this module qualifies as one module, and 25% of the Certified Revenue Management (Cert.RM)
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Proficiency in Revenue Management

£395.00 +VAT | 2 Days RM03, RM04