Revenue Management for Conference and Events

£199.00 +VAT | 1 Day EL02

A one day workshop, this course provides you with a robust toolkit to drive improved returns in meeting and event space management. Typical techniques used in bedroom sales can’t be applied to meeting space sales and optimising conference space presents a new set of challenges. This course demonstrates how to balance the dynamics of meeting room size, market demand, revenue pace and enquiry pace by contract status, which is critical to optimising sales potential.

Excellent training day, fairly fast paced but comprehensive. Ally was thorough and clear in all aspects of the programme. Whole heartedly recommend this course.
Excellent and thorough course - I came away with some great ideas that could work very well within the venue and that I am looking to implement
Ally was a great trainer explaining clearly all matters throughout the course

What you’ll learn

Why should you attend this course?

This course is designed to

  • Equip you with a practical toolkit, integral to day to day operations
  • Provide tools created to deliver deeper insight into the performance of your meeting space.
  • Demonstrate how this insight can be used to drive informed, revenue optimising decisions.
  • Ensure that your sales teams are targeted with the optimal enquiries for greatest revenue and conversion potential for the business.

What will I learn and gain from attending this course?

  • The principles of Revenue Management as applied to meetings and events and the difference between this and rooms revenue management.
  • The primary performance indicators that drive meetings revenue management.
  • How to manage daily demand for meeting space, providing visibility on enquiry status to help predict total revenues and future demand.
  • The metrics used to assess what business converts most frequently and brings in optimal revenues.
  • How enquiry pace is aligned with what the business needs.
  • How to track and manage lead times and relate these to conversion levels.
  • How to track revenue pace per contract status, and build up a comparison to previous year's results.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course would benefit those with a remit to drive and optimise the profitability of their meeting and events space. Revenue managers, sales managers and those with a commercial responsibility to ensure their conference space is generating the best possible return.

Revenue Management for Conference and Events

£199.00 +VAT | 1 Day EL02