Problem Solving

Addressing revenue management and distribution challenges with clarity

Revenue management is a complex and dynamic science, littered with daily challenges and hidden opportunities. To succeed, an understanding of the most up to date strategies and technology is essential. Revenue by Design brings experience, expertise and industry intelligence to identify and overcome challenges and guide you through your most critical issues and opportunities.

Revenue Audit

An independent, comprehensive review of all elements of the revenue management function. The audit provides a detailed report identifying profit improvement opportunities combining both longer term strategic initiatives with quick wins so to drive an immediate impact on your business.

Audit Coverage


  • A comprehensive report identifying strategic profit driving opportunities
  • Quick wins highlighted, resulting in immediate returns
  • Initial investment quickly recouped
  • Increased confidence in your revenue management strategy

Consultancy Services

The revenue management landscape is shifting with pace. New technologies are emerging, booking behaviours are changing. Mistakes can be costly. Revenue by Design’s consultancy service provides independent and objective advice to issues facing hotels daily, tailored to suit your property, market, and particular challenge.

How can we help you?


  • Objective, independent and practical recommendations tailored to your property
  • Ensure confidence in your revenue management strategy
  • Provides expertise and guidance on areas of revenue management and distribution that may be new to you.
  • Prevents costly mistakes.

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Revenue by Design specialises in training, outsourced revenue management services and ad hoc problem solving designed to optimise your revenue and distribution strategy.